2021 Annual Report

Your support helps us build a better future for the children who need us most.


MACA's Year In Review

Throughout our history, MACA has needed to be nimble, to innovate and grow as new priorities and needs emerged. We are committed to the children we serve, to those who entrust us with this work, and to our funders, whose support enables us to become ever better partners to the children’s advocacy center community.


Our 2021 Results

Our membership coalition of 12 Children’s Advocacy Centers served 6,133 child victims of abuse:


cases involved sexual abuse


involved physical abuse


Outreach and Awareness for Children with Problematic Sexual Behavior (PSB)

Early and effective interventions help kids grow into healthy adults.


Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children (CSEC) Service Enhancement Project

In our fiscal year, 1,188 victims of CSEC received 31,775 services.


Our Advancements in Telehealth

Virtual visits provide us with many new opportunities to be more inclusive.


Meet two of the people who help us serve as local, state, and national go-to resource for helping victims of child abuse.

You may also like to meet our Staff and our Board of Directors.

Kristen Whiting

Zoe Dos Santos


EXPENSES, Revenue, And Net Assets - 2021
Program Service Expenses $2,284,70
Management and General Expenses $71,569
Fundraising Expenses $37,653
Total Operating Expenses $2,393,924
Revenue $2,417,913
Net Assets $246,968